Write A Story And Start Publishing On Websites

In this era of smartphones and social networking sites if one has to reach out to people it is only possible through the internet. So the publishers need online platforms to publish their content. There are many websites that will publish content for free. Even if you are not tech, friendly there are so many websites who offer free tutorials.

If you can watch one of these then publishing, your materials will be easy. All you need is a good material to publish. All the latest technologies have made it easier to publish for writers who can’t have big publishing houses for their books.

Anyone Can Publish

The internet has made everything much easier. Even a person who has no idea about the technicalities of handling any software can publish on a website meant for e-books if they have quality content. Advanced technology has given rise to websites that are far improved and advanced. Previously most websites had pictures in them but now with the advance technologies most websites have video content. If you are not into writing stories or novels you can easily write blogs. So even if you just enjoy writing and do not wish to publish books you can always start writing blogs. Most blogger reaches to thousands of readers with their writing.

Need For These Websites

Previously the life of a writer was full of struggle. The publishing house will not publish books unless they are award worthy. But for a writer their story is always special. Every writer wants someone to read and appreciate their effort. These websites do exactly that. They provide an opportunity to the writers to reach out to people. Also with the increasing price of the books most people especially teenagers are turning to e-books. These websites not only let writers post their material for free but sometimes they also let the readers read the books without any cost.

Making Money From Your Book

Gone are the days when a writer had to wait for a publishing house to accept their stories. Now if no one wants to publish your story, you have a publisher blog. The websites that will publish your book will also sell them to readers all around the world. Almost sixty to seventy percent of the revenue will be yours without having to make any initial investment. There have been instances of writers who were initially rejected by the publishers, but now they are rich, famous and respected all over the world because of their ebooks.

How does It Work

These websites accept both nonfictional and fictional writers. All you need is to find a website and get yourself registered. Next you need to have your book file properly formatted in the way mentioned in the sites guide. Then you need to see your rights and decide the pricing of the ebook. After you are done with these steps, you can ask the site to publish it. Technology has advanced so much that any writer can be a blogger.