Why You Must Learn JavaScript As A Web Developer

The computer language landscape is ever evolving in the modern tech world. Much like any human trend, computer languages used to develop websites are constantly changing to suite the need for developing a cutting edge website, and only the best stick get to stick around. Today I’m looking at the language that has been dubbed by the web development community as the most popular computer language; JavaScript (JS). Here is why you must learn JS as a web developer.

It’s The Scripting Language Of The Web

JS is the de facto language of the web as it extends the functionality of web pages. It interacts with HTML, CSS and data both on and off the screen to manipulate their appearance, size, number, shape. More importantly, JS offers a way for users to interact with web pages in ways that HTML and CSS do not. JS allows browsers to collect user input, load new content without refreshing a page and etc. This makes it the biggest reason why one should learn JS.

JavaScript Runs In The Browser

You can do all sorts of stuff to/in your browser without the pain of setting up environments and code editors, downloading compilers and learning how to use them and what not.

Client-side Processing

This means the code is executed on the user’s processor instead of the web server, thus saving bandwidth and reducing extra load of the server.

It’s Easier To Learn

There’s an opinion about JS that sometimes even after developing for ages, developers wouldn’t necessarily know even the basics of it. That could’ve happened 5 – 10 years ago when most of them started with learning jQuery, not anymore. JS is comparatively easy to learn than other programming languages, provided you learn properly.

An Abundance Of JavaScript Jobs

It’s the most sought after technology right now and there’s a lack of good JS developers in the market. It’s a great opportunity to get a good job out of learning JS.

Its Versatile

Learning JS, equips you with skills to build crazy user interaction experiences. You can be a professional game developer if you know JS well and love the learning process. You can make HTML5 and JS games like this shooting asteroids in the background to more advanced games. You can design visual effects; become a design genius by learning to animate things in the browser.

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