Why Use Prepaid Calling Cards

There are many ways in which you can cut down on your communications expenses and one of them is to use a calling card. These calling or telephone cards are nothing but a credit card sized card which you can pick up from a service provider and charge it with a certain amount.

Once you have finished your charging process and the card is active, you can use it to make your telephone calls. Such is the popularity of these prepaid calling cards that they deliver:

  1. Cost effectiveness when compared to a landline
  2. An inexpensive alternative to a cell phone
  3. Ease of use
  4. Flexible recharge and top-up plans and
  5. Roaming services which you can avail if you are travelling.

Corporate benefits

One of the biggest reasons why a prepaid calling card has become popular is because a lot of business organizations enjoy the flexibility of issuing them to their employees. This is especially useful when the employees are travelling a lot. With a prepaid calling card, a company can simply charge a particular amount on a card and tell the employee that he will have to stick to this amount or budget. It does indeed help streamline the communication costs of a business organization.

Huge convenience

Another reason to use a prepaid calling card is the fact that it can be greatly convenient to use it almost anywhere and at any time. You simply have to charge it with a certain amount and never be worried about availability of charge on your cellphone. Most service providers today also offer instant activation and you can simply pick up a card of your choice by ordering it online. In fact, service providers have also gone one step further to offer you a “card less” option. You simply have to remember an access number or unique identification number and make your telephone calls.

Transparency of costs

Most service providers of these calling or phone cards also are transparent about the rates. It is therefore easy enough to find out:

  1. What your current charges are
  2. What is the balance on your card
  3. Whether it is possible to use the card with the cellphone or
  4. Is it restricted to a landline?

Considering the fact that a prepaid calling card is available almost anywhere, it does make it convenient for almost any individual to pick up one card for his or her use in whichever part of the world he or she will be travelling.


Another big advantage of using a prepaid calling card is the fact that it gives you flexibility in terms of:

  1. Rates
  2. Call charges
  3. Usability with almost any telephone
  4. Roaming services and
  5. Budgeting your telephone costs while you are travelling.

This simply means that you can actually plan your call budgets and not be worried about getting surprised with a huge communications bill. You can also recharge such prepaid calling cards as and when you want to.

Thus, a calling card can definitely come in handy regardless of where you are. With the prepaid version, you can easily budget for your communications and travel with complete confidence that you have enough money for your telephone calls.