Why Pay for a Scientific Calculator?

Almost every electronic gadget today that has a screen comes with a calculator feature. There can be no excuse for wrong numeric calculations anymore. Whether inside or outside the office or school, accurate computations are possible. So, is there still a need for scientific calculators? Why pay for a scientific calculator?

Is There Still a Market for Them?

Desk computers, laptops, cell phones, digital wrist watches, iPods, iPads, notebooks, and even some small game gadgets are fitted with calculators. With this scenario, is selling calculators going out of business? Are there people still looking to buy them? If every electronic device available today has calculator features, what is an individual unit of calculator for? Why pay for a scientific calculator? Is there still a need for scientific calculators?

But believe it or not, there is still a market for them. Offices, schools. and businesses still find a need for electronic calculators, especially scientific ones. Here are some reasons:

Easier Access

While calculator features in computers and cell phones are easy to access, it is unlikely that people would open them just to do some simple calculations. For instance, in an office staff meeting, a sudden need to do simple computations arises, like computing for office expenses or taxes. If there’s an open computer and a calculator available at hand, the calculator is the likely option of most people.

It is much easier to simply grab a calculator, open it with one press of a button, and start computing. Compare that with having to open a computer or iPod, for instance. Why pay for a scientific calculator? The answer is, it’s still easier to open and access any time, compared to other gadgets.

Very Handy

Hand-size calculators are very handy and easy to carry around. They fit shirt, jacket, or pant pockets easily and do not occupy much space in bags or attaché cases. Neither do they take up much space on office desks. Why pay for a scientific calculator? Well, buying it is still the best option for quick computing access anywhere one is in very easy steps.

Easier Than Opening Two Programs

Surfing the Net or typing something using the computer sometimes necessitates calculating numbers. Instead of opening a second program like a calculator feature in the computer, it is more convenient to just get a calculator and start calculating. That’s unless a unit is not available. Then people would have to open the feature in their PCs and use it.

Or, it’s awkward (and almost impossible) to be talking or texting a message to someone using a cell phone and then suddenly switching menu option to use the calculator feature. It’s simpler to use an individual calculating unit instead.

Power of Ten

What if there’s a need to compute equations raised to a certain power, like the power of ten, for instance? Is there still a need for scientific calculators? In this case, definitely. Features for calculating numbers found in PCs, cell phone, and other like gadgets do not have this capacity. They are designed to operate simple arithmetic functions only. The same thing if there’s a need to compute numbers reaching millions and billions.

Logarithmic Functions

For mathematical solutions involving sine, cosin, and tangent formula, especially those using decimal equivalents of angles, scientific calculating devices are a must. Cell phone or computer calculators won’t suffice. This is particularly vital for architectural and engineering computations.