Why Delivery Job Is The Best

The Covid-19 pandemic has many businesses turning to sell online because shoppers are avoiding the shopping malls.  Businesses have to turn to technology to survive the pandemic.  As there is a huge demand for delivery, many companies have also recruited new delivery drivers to meet the increase in demand.

If you are looking for a job, you may want to consider a career as a delivery driver.   There are many benefits of being a delivery driver such as follows:-

You Can Be Your Own Boss 

Regardless of whether you are setting up your own delivery company or working as a part-timer, you get to make your own decisions and be in control.  All the profits that you make will be yours too.  You can work wherever and whenever you want, without worrying about the person who holds the position above you.

Not Desk Bound

If you are someone who enjoys being on the road, meeting people and always on the go, then being a delivery driver is ideal.  There is nothing like being on the open road and communicating with the different people they meet along the way.

Flexible Hours

As a delivery driver, you do not have a fix working hours and can create your own schedule. If you are not keen on long distance driving, you can do local deliveries and enjoy a flexible work schedule.

If all the above convince you to become a delivery driver, then you can start looking for driver work through load boards online.  These online freight bidding marketplace acts as a data matchmaker for the broker, shipper and carrier.  They are a quick resource for delivery drivers or truckers because they allow the drivers to pick the routes they like and take control of the working hours.  One of the best online load boards is Shiply.  Thousands of jobs are posted on this platform on a daily basis. Drivers can bid on the job for loads which are uploaded by the users who need them to be delivered. While many load board platforms require a sign up fee or monthly subscription, there is no need to pay for any sign up or subscription fee on Shiply.  They only earn a fee when you win the bid for the delivery job and this fee is added to your quoted amount.

This load board has a powerful search tool that allows drivers to narrow down their search for loads that is best suited to them.  Drivers can bid on the driving job that fits their requirements and if their bid is higher than someone else’s, they can re-submit. Once the bid has been accepted by the customer, an email will be sent to the driver with all the details of the delivery job.  This online platform also allows drivers to collect reviews and feedback from customers.  Therefore drivers with good reputation will have higher chances to receive more work.  

Shiply has jobs being posted every 30 seconds which means that drivers will always be able to find something that is suitable for them, whether it is a big delivery or a pick up job on the return journey after delivering the earlier shipment.