What To Check Before Hiring A Painting Contractor

When you want your home repainted and you don’t when where to find an interior painting contractor, there are different sources from where you can seek for an interior painting professional. However, the three most popular ways include the grapevine; you ask from friends, relatives or colleagues: number two is from different internet sites such as Yelp and Angie’ list and of course without forgetting the local paint stores. Once you have created a shortlist of potential interior painting contractors, take the time to choose between three and five of the most qualified ones and make a comparison. When it comes to prices, always remind yourself that an estimate that sounds too good to be true could actually be so.

exterior painting

License and insurance: There are several states where every interior painting contractor is required to be registered by the state and have a contractors’ license; there only a few places where an exterior painting professional is free to do as they please.  When you choose to hire an exterior painting professional without following the due course of the law, you are forfeiting your right recuperate your money for any promises that are not kept by the contractor. A reputable interior painting contractor should also be able to display their certificate of insurance as well as any other documents that are required for bonding, compliance and safety of their employees and your property. Give some extra points if your potential exterior painting expert is a member of a local or association of painters.

Invite and interview: Once you have done a shortlist of the exterior painting contractors, invite the over to your home for the interview. Tell them each and everything you want painted on the walls, moldings, trims, and cabinets as well as everything else you want protected such as plants, pianos, furniture etc. You want to make sure that you besiege them with relevant questions such as what kind of painting they normally do, how many coats they usually apply and how to deal with any gaffe spills. Also, ask them about what personal protection equipment they have, how long they have been in business and whether their crew is paid on an hourly basis or they have ben sub-contracted. If you don’t get the correct answers or none at all from any potential interior painting contractor you vote with your feet and try elsewhere. Also, since anyone can make up a story, confirm their right status by checking the Better Business Bureau.

Write it down: Once you select the right interior painting company, just remember that you can’t trust anyone’s word of mouth. Ensure that you and your contractor write down a contract that includes all the details from prep work all the way to cleanup without forgetting an applicable warranty.