Warfare Technologies Taking Gigantic Leaps

Technological leaps in the field of warfare have been unprecedented. Drone technology and tank technology have seen such incredible advances which have made any surveillance and massive attack launching a matter of a click without putting at risk the life of the armed forces.

The progress in the field of drones has led to the invention of unmanned aerial vehicles that can keep vigil on any foreign action and can destroy targets through laser pointed armed attacks with a button’s click. The unbridled use of drones on foreign lands has raised a few voices of disproval as the civilian casualties are comparatively more.

However, drones can be of immense help to law enforcement agencies as it would help in tackling any potentially volatile circumstances through accurate mapping of the situation from the sky. The technique of putting together an unmanned drone can be highly challenging and joyful inspite of the controversy that surrounds its ethical use.

Tanks constitute an integral part of modern warfare and the tank technology is subjected to continuous up-gradation to avoid any unforeseen attack from the enemy camp which would catch one unawares. An example of technology advancement is the force field. The head on collision of an RPG with tank leads to a release of hot copper jet at 1000mph causing the solid steel armor to be cut thoroughly. The Trophy system detects a rocket and creates a temporary force field around the tank.

A supercapacitor charges up the tank’s metal armor and gets the RPG neutralized in the air rendering it useless. The supercapacitor can be charged efficiently in a short time and the technology consumes a miniscule amount of energy to operate.

The Super Bainite Armor steel with holes drilled in it is lightweight and effective protection against bullets. The probability of bullets hitting the hole’s edge is more causing the bullet to spin which takes off the projectile potency from it.

Another technology is the use of hexagonal tiles to blend in the natural environment by manipulating the thermal signals which can deceive infrared signals. The improvement in the field of tank and drone technology is heartening and would usher into an age of more energy efficient warfare.