VPS and Web Hosting Through Bitcoin


VPS hosting is a type of web hosting which uses virtual private servers. The advantage of VPS is that though all the websites are hosted on a single physical machine but VPS allows each and every website to be independent fully as if each website is on a separate machine.

There are many advantages of VPS hosting. It provides full root access to the user and the website will accomplish authority and an entire operational separation like any other dedicated server. Another main advantage is that if you change something on other websites that are placed on the same server, it will not affect your website.

Bitcoin hosting is a web hosting which offers latest technology in reliable and fast web hosting for a digital currency that is known as bitcoin. In bitcoin hosting, it will be much easier for you to pay as you will be able to pay with bitcoin. In bitcoin VPS hosting, customers will get many benefits. They offer web hosting on best value on the latest and fast technology servers. We will get unlimited web space if you choose bitcoin hosting.

They also provide unlimited bandwidth, multi-site hosting, free pro website builder and many more. Besides that, if you need any help anytime, 100% UK support is available 24X7. Customers will have control panel packed with feature and FTP with high security. Setting up email accounts and databases is also very easy here. You also will be able to install drupal, wordpress, joomla and many more open source apps for forums, wikis and blogging with just one click.

Bitcoin vps provides up to 8 GB of RAM memory, hard drive of up to 500 GB, CPU cores of up to 8. It mainly works on windows or Linux operating system. It also provides full root access and cPanel or Plesk 11 control panel. Bitcoin web hosting and bitcoin VPS comes in various packages. Depending on the price of the package number of web space, email, sub domains changes. Some packages provide unlimited sub domains and emails where as some packages give 10 sub domains with 10 emails. In bitcoin VPS, size of memory and hard drive and number of processors changes with different packages.

Bitcoin web hosting and cloud hosting give high importance to privacy and security. By using bitcoin for payment for web hosting provides the customers the ability to keep their privacy intact, yet you will be able to enjoy professional web hosting services and their benefits. Their web hosting team has more than ten years of experience in web hosting and they are ready to help their customers anytime. You will get bitcoin DDoS protection to save your website from dangerous DDoS attacks.

You will experience many benefits by paying through bitcoin. Here no transaction fee is needed for paying and get paid. You can send and receive money within a second with the help of bitcoin. More over you will experience very simple transaction by using bitcoin as it only requires bitcoin address to receive and send money. Another very important reason you should use bitcoin because it provides better security than other online currencies.