Understanding Digital Binocular Cameras

These are regular binoculars that have digital camera abilities. The camera is located on top of the binoculars and takes either a video or photograph of what you are seeing through your binoculars. To allow you to frame the video or photograph you are taking and look at it later there is a flip-up or flat LCD screen. The one that is generally more convenient is the flip-up version.

When you look at the differences between your camera lens and the human eye, you need to realize that the recorded or photographed view many not be exactly like the one you are seeing through your eyepiece.  The quality of the video and photo will depend on how advanced or basic your digital camera binocular is.  It depends specifically on the size of the lens and the magnification.  You can find out these two things by looking at the binocular numbers.  For example, 9 by 45, the 9 is your magnification and 45 is your lens size. The image will be better with the larger lens size.  In the more advanced ones, the numbers are bigger, making the photographs taken look so good they can be printed out.

Many of the digital binocular cameras have internal memory with limited space and once it is full you have to either transfer them somewhere else or delete the videos and photographs taken before it can be used again.  You can either store them on memory cards, downloaded to the computer, or use external memory drives. In some instances they can be either sent or emailed to an online photo site.

Most of these binoculars come with image manipulation software, which will allow you to adjust and re-size the photographs that are downloaded. There are also other general accessories that you can get that include a neck strap, USB cable, a tripod mount, and AAA batteries. The tripod mount is very useful to help you avoid tremors in your videos and photographs that can happen when holding your binoculars.  For those that wear glasses there are some models that have rubber eyecups that fold down to help make easier viewing.

These types of binoculars are popular with nature researchers, sports enthusiasts, hikers, and bird watchers, to name a few. The inexpensive, basic models are not useful for any type of in-depth observations.  It will be necessary for you to purchase the advanced models that are equipped with special magnification and close-focus capabilities for serious study. If you are a bird watcher you can train these advance models on a bird, then have the ability to zoom in and instantly capture the birds’ behaviors.  For the sports enthusiasts you can closely follow the action and then preserve memorable moments.