Types of Mobile Games You Will Just Love

Mobile games are the latest rage around the world. The fact that one carries their mobile phones with them all day long makes it a huge hit. We all are used to carrying mobile phones with us all day long.

Naturally it makes sense to play mobile games while we are waiting or getting bore. The popularity of mobile games can be understood by the fact that many mobile companies are actually coming out with mobile phones that specialize in gaming.

Few usual types of mobile games


This is one category of mobile games that is loved by one and all. People rave about the various kinds action mobile games that are available in the market, There are usual shoot at sight one’s that are based on the old school gallery shooting mobile games module. These games require quick reflex actions in order to win the same. One of the famous action based mobile game based on World War II is the Siberian striker.


Adventure based mobile gaming options are a true blend of reflexology and puzzle solving,. Though the pace is a few notches less than an action game, this is quite a thriller by itself. Glyder is one such famous mobile game.


This is probably one the most popular mobile games in the world. Almost all mobile phones come equipped with Solitaire poker and other famous card games. The best part about card mobile games are that they are easy to download and can be played again and again.

Brick Games:

Another famous mobile game is the brick option. Here a brick wall needs to be broken by a bouncing ball. Agility and strategy needs to be used in order to ensure that one wins the mobile game.


Another famous mobile game options are real sports inspired games, these are actually basketball games, soccer games, baseball games and so on. In fact, now a day’s one also gets to play cricket mobile games in their hand set.

There are various other mobile games like angry birds and fruit Strikers that are a rage in today’s era.