Top iPhone 5 Cases Of 2012

The iPhone5 has already hit the shelves and its pre-orders topped in million within just 24 hours of time. Consumers are eagerly camping out at the Apple stores waiting for their turns to buy this latest gadget. With the iPhone what is the most important accessories that each of those consumers will be looking for? No idea. A case! After all you will want to protect this pricey gadget.

Since; many manufacturers were eagerly waited for iPhone 5, so they can design the precise measurements to give the best outlook structure cases. However; some of the manufacturer has got head start and now they are widely available in the stores as well as can be bought online.

Some of the best iPhone 5 cases are lined up below for you to pick:

iPhone 5 Case Otterbox Commuter Series: Whether you toss your iPhone or tuck it, this case will protect your iPhone from all the physical hassles. It has adhesive screen protection and comes featuring with 2 layers of protection.

iLuv Glow In The Dark iPhone 5 Cases: All the cases of these series are pretty and adorable. These are available in cool colours, and their speciality is they glow in the dark. So if you are a night person and wish to stay connected this is perfect for you.

Griffin Kazoo iPhone 5 Case: Two cute cartoon character shaped cases will keep you and your kids smiling all day. The cases are easy fit for your iPhone 5 and are designed to be durable.

Madison Quilted iPhone 5 Case: It is a black leather case, which depicts being, classic, posh and trendy. This iPhone 5 case is one of the top picks amongst business owners.

Grove Bamboo iPhone 5 Case: This bamboo case is much thinner and stronger to that of previous one which comes with a natural design of bamboo on it. For nature lover this is one to go for.

Drop Tech Series: To have a sporty look, this is the case that will give your iPhone 5 rough and tough looks. Besides, this case is shock absorber and has a drop protection now that what it makes a good sturdy case.

All these cases are capable to handle the greatest cruel bumps, knocks and jumps. These iPhone 5 cases come equip great alluring designs that will make you stand out in the crowd.