Top 5 strategies which will work for SEO in 2013

The Search Engine Optimization is a very dynamic field with new trends being introduced every year due to the increase in capability of the search engines to differentiate the genuine content from the one that is created solely for the purpose of increasing the rankings rather than for providing relevant and helpful information to their visitors. Here, we shall deduce 5 top strategies that are best for SEO in 2013.

Genuine links: If more back links point to your site, your website will be considered by the search engines to be a source of authentic and relevant information. However, don’t be greedy to gather back links from less popular sites as these are worthless in Google’s eyes. Creating more and more of them solely for the purpose of increasing the page-rankings is called ‘back link spamming’ and considered as a form of black-hat SEO techniques for which you could be penalized. Maintaining good content will automatically attract the attention of some reputed websites which will direct the customers to your site.

Content: Use the frequently-searched keywords in the content wherever essential. Also, to beat the Linear Semantic Indexing (LSI) of Google, maintain the semantic relationship between the keywords. Re-cycle your content periodically following the current search-trends on the web. Present informative content and if necessary create a blog where you can write about your products and services. Also, invite eminent bloggers to write guest posts for your web site. Remember carefully that stuffing your content with the keywords is another form of black-hat SEO called ‘keyword stuffing’.

Social bookmarking: Create perfect content that will suffice the informative needs and attract huge attention of your target customers and submit your website to the social bookmarking sites. They will do the job of popularizing your site, but you have to be cautious enough not to give spammed material. Although your site might not go instantly viral on the internet, you will get a generous amount of traffic. Also, submit your site to all the major online directories and search engines.

Keep the design simple: To make the job easy for the search-engine crawlers, use Silver light, Flash and Scripting only where it is necessary. Loading your web site with these might result in the low rankings as the search-algorithms can’t interpret them. Also, do not spam the content with too many media files as they will increase the website’s size which makes it difficult to be downloaded on the customers’ computers.

Optimize for mobile devices: With the latest advancements in the smart phone technology, internet-on- the-go became extremely famous unlike previously where browsing is pertained only to desktop or laptop users. So, a large portion of your traffic would be from the users of smart phones and tablet PCs which calls for the optimization of your website for them. Your site will be disliked if it is downloaded on these devices in unintelligible format.

Author bio: Hi, I am Amy Lawson from Manchester UK and I am an SEO professional and part time content writer. I have written a number of articles for blogs on various issues, including those about hmrc tax credits, insurance and SEO.