Tips To Prepare A CNA Resume

The health care industry is filled with opportunities, especially for those who choose to be the CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), because the health care industry is short in supply but the demand is high. But still, it’s not easy to find a CNA job, because when the first step is appropriate, then further hurdles cannot be cleared successfully.

Here, the first step is to prepare the CNA resume in such a way that has the long lasting impact on the interviewer. CNA job is a stable job with huge benefits, such as salaries, stable timings and other perks, which in the future has greater importance. If you are not aware of how to prepare a CNA resume with the CNA cover letter, then just switch on your internet and you would find hundreds of samples.

Listed below are some of the tips which can be helpful for the job seekers as a CNA, which includes:

  • Highlight your work experience

It is important to highlight your work experience in a chronological way, so that your recent experience is clearly visible to the interviewer. For a single position, hundreds of resumes are posted, so in what way you are unique or how you are different from the crowd has to be highlighted.

  • Be specific

Make sure when you highlight your work experience, write specifically in which area you are experienced. Because this experience counts a lot to them and maybe if you are lucky enough, the company has the vacancy in your specific area. During the interview, there may be situational questions, so don’t forget to prepare for those questions by revising the symptoms, signs and precautions for different disease.

  • Remember to add your achievements and certifications

If you have certain achievements such as the employee of the month, etc. or certifications like CPR, then make sure you add it in your resume. It is good practice to highlight your own screenings, for example, you should include at the top of your resume that you are up-to-date with tuberculosis shots, Hepatitis B shots, which every interviewer is willing to know.

  • Highlight your other desired skills

It is highly recommended that you write your other skills as much as you can because most of the interviewers prefer those skills. These skills may be a language, for example, if you can speak more than 5 languages that include French, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and English then you are the sure shot candidate who can get the job.