Tips for Choosing The Best Web Hosting for Your WordPress Sites

Selecting a reliable and trustworthy website hosting company is very important. You ought to look out for a hosting service which could provide you with complete security of your data, efficient and maximum server up-time so the big question still remain unanswered, whom should you trust to store your WordPress blog?

If you read the news, there are plenty of DDos attacks on the website by the hackers so all the people look for hosting company which can provide their data the best security so here are some tips to help you select the right one for you.

When you’re looking for a secure web hosting service, the major things you should consider are:

  • All-time available tech support: If you do not want to wait for technical support to answer to your problems, look out for web hosting service which gives online instant chat support to resolve all your technical hosting problems so that you may not have to for their reply on Monday while you are having problem on Saturday night. Talk to them and make sure tech support assistant has complete knowledge of all the technical problems and ready to help you in a friendly manner.
  • Daily or fortnight backups: when your site or database is corrupted, one requires a sturdy backup, at the time when your backup fails
  • Restoration of the site: At times, when you site gets hacked, you just need to make sure that your company has all the needed backup and will restore the site in no time
  • Secure monitoring 24/7: Ensure your site server is being monitored 24/7 to be prevented from any issues, hacking or attack
  • Apps updated: Make sure that they are making use of the recent secure releases of PHP, Apache and MySQL on the site.
  • On-time Security updates: A web hosting should be updated with the latest security software and applications. So, enquire about their update durations. Make sure you keep your WordPress site updated and your device secure with virus scans, Windows updates and Firewalls.
  • Secure Shell (SSH) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP): Do not go for a host which doesn’t allow you code file uploads.
  • Optimistic Reviews: Surf the net, check on Facebook and Twitter and check out the reviews of the customers to see what they’ve to say about the web hosting service.

The best web hosting service for WordPress will comprise of:

  • suPHP for additional security
  • Installation of the latest version of WordPress
  • Include the latest releases of PHP, MySQL and Apache
  • Surpass the minimum requirements of WordPress

The best thing about making use of WordPress as your site is that is not a source hog, and holds plethora of flexibility for functions and layouts. It is quite similar to hosting support forums and provides hundreds of enhancements and free upgrades.

Siteground is our top favorite when it comes to choosing the best WordPress hosting.  You can read the detailed siteground review here before making your final decision of buying.

After you done selecting your web hosting and get it set up, there are plenty of options which you can use to make your website look more stylish and optimize it for search engines i.e. your website will be visible on early pages of search engine. There are stuff like permanent links and no marks and you can check out list of themes available for you to choose which would suit your niche on your website. If you want to know about it more, check out the website for more info.

But the big question is where to host your WordPress website? No matter if you are a blogger, website designer or just a rookie, finding a great service which could reduce your efforts to make your work effortless and fluent as possible.

Fast, efficient and secure, these three are most important factors that need to be there on your selected WordPress hosting. But still the important thing to know is your need, how much speed and level of security do you want for your website? Choose your hosting according to that will save a lot of money.

So as stated before, make up your mind before selecting the hosting as there are several types such as free hosting , shared hosting, dedicated and managed. Check these types of hosting and select according to your needs.