The Virtual Office Revolution is Happening Near You

Modern digital technology in business is all about the agile workforce, where companies allow (if not encourage) their employees to be able to work from more or less anywhere as if they were in the office.

There were big claims in around the year 2000 that people could work on the train or in the cafe as if they were at the office – and that was with just GPRS. It was over blown marketing talk from the big mobile and telecommunications companies, but today we know that can be the case.

With 4G just around the corner for the UK and free WiFi now readily available in most UK city centres and serviced offices, individuals can pretty much work anywhere. And the mobile workforce has never been so empowered.

But on the flip-side of this is that it’s not just employees that can work from anywhere. Whole businesses can too. A corporation can plant their company flag in a town, publish their office address, get a local phone number and get mail delivered, without having to actually have a fully manned office in that town. This is done through the virtual office revolution.

We are entering a new era where virtual office space and mobile working is not prohibitive by cost or having the latest advancements in technology. According to data from The US, in 2011 the virtual office revenue increased by 8.2% year on year and accounted for about a tenth of serviced office revenue.

Virtual offices offer business many benefits. And with this modern technology, not only can you work from anywhere, but you can tell people you work from anywhere.

The benefits for micro, small, medium and even extremely large businesses are obvious. Start-ups or one man bands can have an office address in the city centre for around £30 a month, rather than registering their garden shed or their mum’s home as their business address. This is perfect for the “solopreneur” sector, a grouped of young professionals who are desperate to break out on their own away from corporate life and set-up their own business. The whole premise of the virtual office allows them to do this.

Small businesses too can have a central office address rather than just an office on the outskirts of town. Furthermore they can expand their local reach by having offices outside their immediate region and thus connect to a whole new market that is locally focussed. Even large businesses can benefit by having an office in every major city of the country to show their national footprint and again cater for customers who would not otherwise think of them as a local corporation.

International businesses can also benefit from the virtual office. Gone are the days where you would have to know someone “on the ground” to be able to give you the footing you need to get into a locality or even new country to be able to do business. It is relatively straightforward to set up a virtual office outside your country’s borders and establish an office in Hong Kong, Sydney, New York or Mumbai.

So isn’t it about time your business looked in to gaining the most out of virtual offices, before your competitors do.

Author bio: Andy is a real estate investor who has recently made a deal with Ron Hershco. Ron is a dedicated real estate entrepreneur who is known to build homes in developing areas in New York. He has helped Andy in getting his dream home and few properties for investment purposes.