The Revolution Brought By Online Eco-Fashion Shops: The iNexxus Case

For many of us the atrocities of the fast-fashion industry are too obvious; the harsh, even deadly working conditions, the environmental destruction, and the ever-growing waste, to name a few. What many of us don’t realize or haven’t thought about is that these revelations were made possible by today’s digitized world. There are a number of bloggers, designers, environmentalist, models, and even marketing agencies who have taken up the challenge of revolutionizing the fast-fashion industry – with their chosen tool for accomplishing this feat the online platform.

The ubiquity of the digital world in our daily lives and its widespread reach has made online platforms–especially online shops, ideal in combatting fast-fashion. How exactly have these digitized platforms enabled impact? iNexxus, a digital marketing and branding agency that is known for promoting creative and international campaigns, has seen first hand and acted on behalf of a client to utilize digital sources to amplify and propel this revolutionizing message. Through online journals, blogs, social campaigns, documentaries and most importantly e-commerce shops, iNexxus, along with its clients, first-and-foremost educated the public, and most importantly, offered an option and a solution: transparent, eco-fashion online shops.

iNexxus worked with I Love Goldie, an online blog that discussed how individuals can take simple steps towards a more holistic sustainable lifestyle, while placing focus on the destruction of fast-fashion and its alternatives. I Love Goldie introduced eco-friendly designers and franchises to its audience, directing them to trustworthy sources to conduct their shopping. While this seems easy enough – to educate and direct – it often isn’t so. With a myriad of shops online claiming a variety of promises, it is quite difficult for individuals to navigate.

This is where marketing comes in. iNexxus helped to establish a brand image that was trustworthy and reliable. Moreover, through targeted means, it gathered the right individuals and customers, and by utilizing various social media platforms and creative campaigns, shed light on the designers, franchises, and shops worthy of their promises, thus directing relevant individuals to relevant sites.

Yes, the digitized world has created the outlet for change, in this case enabling the revolution of the fast-fashion industry. It has made accessibility, availability, and even affordability of ethical fashion possible. However, as we all know, even heroes need help; luckily as seen above, with marketing agencies like iNexxus as sidekicks, nothing stands in our hero’s way.