The Interlace – Best Modernised and Designer Property in Singapore

The Interlace is one of the most famous high rise apartments of Singapore. The Design and architecture of this project make this construction stand apart. In the crowd of vertical multi-story buildings in Singapore this is a different looking construction which adds a grand new look to the surroundings. This project is built on approximately 869,320 sqft area at the meeting point of Depot Road and Alexandra Road of Singapore.

The project

The structure has been designed by a partner of OMA and developed by Ankerite Pte Ltd.  The Interlace provides 1,040 apartments covering 170000 meter square floor area.  The proposed plan includes 23 separate blocks that will make 6/12/18 or 24 storey apartment. The apartments are stacked in a manner that gives the total structure a hexagonal look, making it the main point of attraction amongst the other Skyscrapers.


The Interlace has been structured to provide the residents with the best of facilities. You can have your morning jogging right inside your campus. Sports complex with a number of pools, separated for different type of sports, gymnasium with modern equipment, play garden and area for gardening everything is provided in the campus. The structure will also house 8 retail shops which will be covered by high brands, making the great brands available at your door step.

The nature near you

The project takes care of the basic human need of being near to the nature. Nature is the ultimate source that can soothe your tired eyes and mind and in still fresh energy for a new day. Staying in the lap of nature, while enjoying all the modern facilities of urbanization, is the basic motto of this project. The landscape surrounding the buildings extends around 8 hectares of land. Roof gardens, cascading balconies have been extensively added to the structure to make the nature close to you. The water bodies have been planned in the accurate positions on the way of the wind blow to make the outside area cool in summer so that you can enjoy the landscape outside with ease even on hot summer days.