The Best Rally Car

Ford Escort Mk2 has been always the first preference in most of the rally. It has been found in every car race, majority of the driver prefer to ride on Ford Escort. It is second generation car by Escort cars and it was successfully launched in the year 1975. It has been the best car so far and many series of Ford Escort have been manufactured till now.

Ford Escort Mk1, the predecessor of Mk2, was pretty good choice for the car rally and often riders used to ride on this car during motor car race. Mk1 was launched in the year 1968 and after few years of it, its second generation Ford Escort Mk2 was launched. Till now, Ford has successfully launched few more generation cars.


Ford Escort Mk2 has all the best features, which makes this car as the best sport cars so far. It is stylish and the overall look of this car can successfully generate the true sports spirit. The car has two doors and the best part is has 4 manual speed. It runs on obviously petrol and the fuel tank is made up aluminum.

The seats have been approved by Corbeau Bucket with its TRS 5 Point Harnesss. For safety measures, fire extinguisher has also been fitted near the engine compartment. Majority of the body parts of this car have been made with aluminum, which makes it durable and hardy. Adding to its stylish look, the four large front spot lights are quite effective in providing sufficient light. The oil cooler is mounted at front and it is accompanied by A 4 Speed rocket gearbox.

Many renowned sportsmen have successfully participated in motor car rally and have won the game. You will find many series of Ford Escort Mk2 in different countries with little different features, like the car manufactured at Italy has 950 cc engines, which is not available in rest of the European countries.

It has four basic body style viz. 2 door saloon, 4 door saloon, 3 door estate, 2 door panel van. All the styles are quite popular and sportsmen love to ride on it. The general dimension of the salon body type is 156.5 in. x 61.8 in. x 55.65, whereas the dimension of estate body type is 163 in x 61.8 x 55.65.