The Best iPad Games Which are Both Attractive and Pocket Friendly

Apple brought about a revolution with the multiple functionality of the iPad. You can use it as an organizer, a note taker, a calculator and most importantly as a gaming device. You would get plenty of games for your iPad, among those few of them would come for free and for a few you have to pay a certain amount. There are so many different types of games that it becomes difficult for you to choose the best iPad games among them. If you are just unsure where to look for these games then you can just check out

Listed below are a few of the best iPad games that would be both fun and pocket friendly.

Angry Birds

The angry bird is the most popular and addictive game for the iPad users. It takes you to a different world of vengeful birds and evil pigs, where you have to hit the pigs with these birds. It is a very addictive game and you can hardly put your phone down or prevent yourself from playing it. The pigs are evil because they have stolen the eggs of different birds present there and these birds are trying to attack the pigs and their shelters which are made up of different materials in different levels. Each bird is provided with a specific destructive quality and you have to help to launch the bird towards the shelter of the pigs. This is done with the help of a catapult where the bird is placed and it all depends on your aim, the amount of destruction caused by the bird.

Flight control

Flight control is also an amazing game, here you would be a traffic controller and your job would be to control the air traffic. The main aim for you in this game is to land as many planes as possible. You would find that there are 4 different types of aircraft that travels at different speeds. You have to land these aircrafts into proper runways without allowing them to collide with each other. As the level of the game increases the number of planes also increases and it becomes difficult to control the air traffic. This is not only an interesting game but it also increases attention and patience and even makes you think.

Temple Run

Temple Run is one of the best iPad games of recent times. It takes you to a different world, a world of ancient temples with cursed idols and evil monkeys. Here you are the one who has stolen a cursed idol, and you have to run and save your life by fighting the evil demon monkeys. while running and jumping you have to save yourself from pitfalls fires ,while on the way to escape you have to collect coins and would get power ups. You are the protagonist of the game who has to navigate himself through the maze by climbing and sliding through ancient temple.

Muffin Knight

Muffin Knight has a fairy tale set up, with fairy tale characters; each of them has some magical ability which helps you to gain strength as you advance through the levels. This is basically about a small bout and his journey and quest to return the magical muffins of the old fairy. When he touches the muffins he changes in different types of creatures. It is because of the strange curse on him, but the old fairy promises him that he would be changed into a boy when he finishes his quest of collecting all the muffins.