The Best Built-In Barbecue

Most built-in barbecue grills are normally used outside and as a result, you want to make sure that you choose one that is made using weather resistant materials. A good built-in BBQ grill is meant to complement your outdoor kitchen and the design should be such that it blends nicely with the landscaping. Careful consideration needs to be taken when considering the type of fuel that is going to be used; you need to consult widely so you can make an informed decision. Since there are different building codes that are applicable in regards to using this appliance, ensure that you consult with your local fire marshal first before making many elaborate plans.

Stainless steel still remains the most popular and functional choice for most built-in barbecues since it is perhaps the best rustproof material available. When thinking about your knobs and handles for the drawers and other similar stuff, there is no harm considering stainless steel as well. The exterior can be made stainless steel as much as possible while the grates and other internal parts can be made using aluminum or iron. The best thing about aluminum is that it’s normally easier to clean even though iron grates are generally sturdier than their aluminum counterparts.

When choosing the countertops for your outdoor kitchen, you need to ask yourself what your expected outcome is going to be in relation to your built-in barbecue. It is often recommended that you try using natural tones including tan, brown or beige as much as possible because of their ability to blend well with the surroundings. The styles that will be chosen for any other appliances that will be installed in your outdoor kitchen could also play an important role in the final decision you make since you may desire a BBQ that resembles them in terms of style and design. Talk to your outdoor kitchen designer for any appropriate advice if you aren’t able to pick a good outdoor stove that will fit snuggly with everything else.

Built-barbecues are operated using wood, charcoal or gas but you should remember that every type will leave a particular signature taste on the food you will be making. There are several locations where gas may be difficult to come across while on other areas there may be restrictions in terms of burning wood or charcoal. This means that before you decide what type of fuel will be used in your outdoor kitchen, you will need to think about the BBQ meals you intend to prepare, the availability of that particular fuel in addition to any local laws regarding the fuel you intend to use. For those who are still not sure what to do, the best thing would be to consider some hybrid that can easily operate on more than one fuel type.