The Benefits Of Using VPS Hosting Instead Of Shared Web Hosting

There has been so much diversification in the web hosting services market that many companies are unsure of which package to purchase for the ultimate advantage. Because of this, a reasonably new concept has come into being, which is known as VPS hosting.

The meaning of the term VPS is “Virtual Private Server”. The term Virtual Server means that it is just like a normal server that the web hosting company uses, but it is located in some other place. The data stored in this server is on a Virtual Machine only. So, basically the concept of the location of a computer to a Virtual Machine has been changed.

The advantages of a shared web hosting service

In the case of shared web hosting, website owners host their sites by using rented space on a server owned by the hosting company. There are different techniques used in this type of hosting, depending upon the requirements of the user, and the services offered by the host.

This service is of the utmost importance because without this millions of website owners would not be able to launch their sites on the Internet. Due to the availability of this service, all the data that a user creates can be stored in one place, and they do not have to depend upon any other internet site, to store their data.

The disadvantages of a shared web hosting service

Although there are lots of advantages to using quality shared web hosting services, there are still some negatives in this area. There is a disk storage limit, up to which you can store your data on these servers.

If you are using a free service, then you will not receive any customer support, and in case of paid services, one cannot be sure of the reliability and the uptime of the servers where sites are hosted. Sometimes if you are using a free service then you will have to tolerate the inconvenience of advertisements on your web site.

Reasons for switching to VPS hosting

There are many reasons, which are motivating a lot of web site owners to change to VPS hosting from the normal shared hosting services that they were using before. The most important reason for this switch is to be able to launch and manage many web sites. The space that is available is sufficient to enable you to host different web sites using different operating systems.

Each web site that you launch can be assigned individual permissions as well. You can even sell small pieces of the space that you own to other users, and this way share the cost of renting the space. So it is a really viable option if you want flexibility and power.