Technology – Giving a Facelift to the Conventional Hotel Industry

The leaps and bounds with which the modern technology is advancing and benefitting the various spheres of human existence has compelled Hotel Industry too to integrate the same in its bloodstream. Technology has a dominant presence in the realm of hotels to streamline the services offered to the guests and enhance their experience.

The most glaring example of technology integration is the online booking system, wherein the ubiquitous aspect of the internet is capitalized to save guests from the hassle of having to depend on intermediaries to get a room booked. The guest can also form an opinion of the amenities and level of hospitality extended by the hotel through candid reviews and exploring the portals and visual images of the rooms etc.

Technology has enabled hotel industry to keep pace with the rapidly changing consumer perspective regarding the service and quality level. Contrary to commonly held belief that software have ushered in the revolution for hospitality industry, other compelling changes pertaining to the entire gamut of science and telecommunications are also contributing profusely. IP telephone networks prove the point.

They have facilitated and streamlined guest access and system integration. Numerous content management systems have revamped the conventional marketing strategies and assisted in the efforts to better collect the information from guests. This has led to better analysis of the behavioral trends of the consumers leading to setting up of concrete action plans meant to deliver.

Green technology is taking precedence over more energy glutting methods that are increasingly becoming obsolete at hotels. Eco-friendly innovations high on energy efficiency are being preferred by clients. Wireless thermostats built to sense user occupancy or movement in a room is catching on with the hoteliers. Room temperature and incidental settings can be tune automatically by the artificial intelligence module integrated in it.

This saves energy and brings down the service charges which uplift the mood of visitors. E-document exchange between managerial teams drastically brings down the paper consumption and associated costs. Hotels and technology have now become inherently linked with every major cost cutting initiative being driven by technological interventions. Technology augurs good times for hospitality industry.