Five Best Exercise Apps

Both Google Play and the App Store are teeming with popular categories featuring thousands of mobile applications. These cover everything from games and entertainment to lifestyle and productivity. Health and fitness is another such popular category. Because weight loss and exercise is such big business, it can be difficult to separate effective apps from those that are just cluttering the marketplace. With that in mind, here are some top options that have proven effective for multitudes of regular Read more [...]

How to Rip Video from DVD

Have you ever found an old favourite movie – probably a childhood one somewhere in your home? You decide to have a look at it again, only to discover it can’t play in your disc drive. It can really be frustrating. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be an old DVD disc to behave that way, scratches on the surface of a new disc can also make it refuse to play in the drive; and even when it does, you won’t enjoy whatever it is you are watching. Since DVD disc surfaces seem to be delicate and Read more [...]