Geeky tech Gadgets: Old and New

Tech gadgets are as inseparable a part of our life as bread and butter. These gadgets have made our lives so easy and simple that we can hardly think of our days and nights without these. There are thousands of gadget freaks around the world who wait for the updates on latest gadgets. Different people have fetish for different types of gadgets depending on their personality. While some people like nerd gadgets some are mad about geeky tech gadgets. Geeky tech gadgets are something which are gaining Read more [...]

Mobile Phone Insurance Helps You Get Back To the Rhythm of Business

The mobile phone is a necessity now as there are few people who does not carry one and it is easy to seek some information or to call up for any communication. The necessary device is useful in more number of things than you can think of. As days go by it is becoming more important to have the mobile nearby so that you can use it when required or you can answer the phone when someone needs you. These are reasons for getting the mobile phone insurance so that if you lose your phone then you can get Read more [...]

The importance of 360 photographs in a high end or commercial remodel

Can you even think of such a technique when you can just walk into any of your sites citywide, countrywide, statewide and worldwide to take an image? All you need to do is check the seasonal reset, evaluate the store before the remodel and present yourself, your architects, marketing team, facility team and vendors a unique and marvelous 360 photographs for any property on their desktop. You can easily 360 photograph a site, office, store or construction area within a single day uploading together Read more [...]

What Are Ink Cartridge Refills?

Ink cartridges are normally costly but with ink cartridge refills, it is possible to refill existing cartridges repeatedly and this saves money. Excellent inkjet refill kits are quick, clean and easy to use. Additionally, they enable one to save 80% or even more of the cost they could have incurred on new ink cartridges. Cartridge refills give one maximum savings and enable people to refill their own ink cartridges at their convenience. Cartridge refill kits normally include a variety of tools Read more [...]

Smartphones – Bringing Revolutionary Changes in the Mobile Industry

  Investments done in the shares of wireless technology companies and service providers have resulted in huge profits in the era of post dot com. Plenty of opportunities for business exist  as the use of wireless technology continues to grow exponentially in both the developed as well as the upcoming markets. And the impetus to this growth is provided by the new devices like smart phones whose abilities are made even more effective by deploying wireless 3G networks. A smartphone is generally Read more [...]

The Hidden Zen of is the IP address we use to refer to what is called the “default gateway.” Now that may sound like it has a ninjitsu-hmong-kung-fu-zen written all over it but really, it’s not what some people think. After reading the stuff here you will find yourself demystified about the different reserved IP ranges used as a router address. So, what is You know what, when you first hear this series of numbers, you might think that it sounds like a great combination for your locker. Read more [...]

3 Most Popular Chat Apps

Anyone that has grown up with the internet remembers that glory days of the internet chat. There used to be chat rooms set up where you can speak with people that share the same interests as you, and there were instant messengers in which you could speak with a person one on one from across the world. At the time, it seemed like one of the most revolutionary things ever. Of course, now, as technology has advanced so much, instant messaging has taken on a whole new form and the chat room has pretty Read more [...]