Geeky tech Gadgets: Old and New

Tech gadgets are as inseparable a part of our life as bread and butter. These gadgets have made our lives so easy and simple that we can hardly think of our days and nights without these. There are thousands of gadget freaks around the world who wait for the updates on latest gadgets. Different people have fetish for different types of gadgets depending on their personality. While some people like nerd gadgets some are mad about geeky tech gadgets. Geeky tech gadgets are something which are gaining Read more [...]

Smartphones – Bringing Revolutionary Changes in the Mobile Industry

  Investments done in the shares of wireless technology companies and service providers have resulted in huge profits in the era of post dot com. Plenty of opportunities for business exist  as the use of wireless technology continues to grow exponentially in both the developed as well as the upcoming markets. And the impetus to this growth is provided by the new devices like smart phones whose abilities are made even more effective by deploying wireless 3G networks. A smartphone is generally Read more [...]