Be Aware of the Spyware and Spammers on Internet

Getting a laptop or system is a big issue at some stages of life, but preserving it from virus attacks and keeping it safe throughout is the lifetime issue. As long as the internet and browsing are there definitely there is going to be issues of virus, spam and illegal hacking. In the olden times when the use of computer was new, only a simple antivirus was enough to tackle the problems. But as technology grows intelligence also grew of the people. Funwebproduct spyware is also one such improvement. Number Read more [...]

3 Best Ways Of Laptop Recovery

With the arrival of a telecommuting and cell phone lifestyle, laptops have propagated and become nearly as ordinary as the home PC. In some cases, the laptop has become the home computer. The cause for the popularity is the portability it affords the PC user. With the affordability to take the laptop anywhere, comes the unexpected harm from the constituents and to serious deterioration. Unintentionally dispensing coffee over the laptop or plummeting it, or even sitting on the laptop can harm the Read more [...]

PC or Mac – Which one should a gamer choose?

One hobby that has been slowly growing for the last twenty years is that of playing video games, there are now many people who purely make their living out of playing different games. Because of this, the ‘e-sports’ scene has also grown with some competitive games taking it to next level with huge tournaments and massive prizes worth millions of dollars. Another aspect of gaming that has started to change recently is the fact that more and more people are starting to play games on their home Read more [...]

Has a Family Member Installed a Key Logger on your PC?

Do you suspect that someone in your family is spying on you? You have a strange feeling that your email is being opened by someone else and that your private messages on your social networking account are being read by someone other than yourself. The thing is, you are sure that you have a near-impossible-to-guess password and since you’re the only one who knows your password – passwords, even – someone may have hacked your account. How were they able to secure your passwords? The answer Read more [...]

Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks: A Widespread Phenomenon

The DDoS is a major type of a DOS attack (Denial Of Service attacks) which is basically programmed as such that whichever network gets hit by this attack, it is destined to be pulled to the ground with utter garbage of mails and useless information clogging accounts. Although there are a few softwares that deal with fixating on these malicious dynamics and setting it straight, the recent DoS attacks are also being pulled by hackers that are very similar to the viruses they install. The tear drop Read more [...]