Jailbreak iPhone and iPad Using RedsnOw

After the introduction of a new iOS, the general tendency of the mobile geeks is to find out ways of jailbreak it as soon as possible. The limitations that users face while using the iPhone, iPod touch, or the iPad is easily removed when the device gets jailbreak, and users can unleash a world that is full of potentials without any limitations. The Apple Dev team has developed the RedsnOw, which can easily jailbreak the latest OS. Many engineers have tested the claims, and they have also confirmed Read more [...]

What Makes Appy Pie The Best App Builder Out There

The most popular and fastest growing app builder in the market now is the Appy Pie it based on cloud and is the best App creation software there is. What makes it so popular is the fact that it doesn’t require any programming or technical skills for creating an App any smartphone, be it an iPhone, Windows 8 phone, or an Android, the simple easy application makes App making a breeze. This is why it has become so popular with users; upon release it scored more than 5000 mobiles in the first month. Read more [...]

IPhone App Testing the Ideal Way to Verify Its Usability

IPhone app testing can be done through Apple’s iPhone Simulator application. The iPhone applications, which you have created on XCode can be tested by simulating your iPhone on your computer. The only other way to test the app on the iPhone itself is by becoming an Apple Developer. You will have to pay around $99 for this and wait for approximately 24 hours. If you are expert in this, you will be able to publish your App in the App Store and thereby, test all the Apps that you create in your iPhone. Normally, Read more [...]

iPhone 5 Tips And Tricks That Makes Your Work Easier

There are plentiful of communication pieces that continue to surprise you time after time, but none gets closer to the new iPhone 5. There are too few iPhone 5 tips and tricks that will surprise you to know that how effective and efficient this new technology can be. iPhone 5 users must admit that this gadget is one thing to have. It comes with lot of latest amenities and fun experience for its users. The iPhone 5 tips and tricks are: Set Your Location: By entering your work and home locations, Read more [...]

Water And Gadgets: A User’s Guide To Saving What’s Left

Did you ever face that horrifying moment of dropping your phone, digital camera, mp3 player or electronic cigarette in water? Yes, it’s a nightmare for anybody, as water and electronic devices don’t go together, even if some of them are waterproof. Short-circuits, software errors, battery malfunctions, your contacts list forever gone, your vaping system forever ruined, warranty procedures, service repairs, time, money, effort, all these flash before your eyes as you pick up your device out of Read more [...]

Mobile Technology: Unleashing the Future of Smart Phone

Mobile technology has become so advanced in the past decade that apps now exist that can tell you your heart rate, your resting heart rate, and even when you will die. These new advancements have produced questions of where the smart phone will go in the future. The progress made, which can be found in current phones, will continue to grow in several key areas. Processing: -          Faster, capable of doing more in a shorter amount of time -          Smaller, lighter chips that Read more [...]

Top iPhone 5 Cases Of 2012

The iPhone5 has already hit the shelves and its pre-orders topped in million within just 24 hours of time. Consumers are eagerly camping out at the Apple stores waiting for their turns to buy this latest gadget. With the iPhone what is the most important accessories that each of those consumers will be looking for? No idea. A case! After all you will want to protect this pricey gadget. Since; many manufacturers were eagerly waited for iPhone 5, so they can design the precise measurements to give Read more [...]