Whatsapp For Smartphone Users

Whatsapp is a smartphone messenger app. It is one of the most recent application which is creating a buzz in the cell phone specially for the smartphone users. This instant messenger application makes use of the internet data plan that is available on your smartphones. This application allow the users of the smartphones to stay in touch with their family and friends. The Whatsapp messaging services are used to forward instant text messages, images, photos, audio files and other media documents Read more [...]

An In-depth Study of the New Operating System Called Android

The all new Android system has revolutionized the mobile phone market. Today the biggest competition lies between the Apple smartphones and the phones that are powered by Android operating system. Many smartphone developers have moved on with Android and are now working with the Google’s green technology. Thus you need to consider this point when you plan to sell you used smartphone. Its time you should spend time in thinking whether you should stick to the old smartphone or invest in Apple Read more [...]

SIM Only IPhone Deals for Smart Persons

If you own a smart phone or an iPhone, then you might also know the various questions that run in a user’s mind often whenever they think about changing a network provider for their handset. Not every SIM Only offer will get you the freedom to stick to your existing iPhone, as there are multiple factors which may differ from what is required and what is present at your disposal. The shape and size of the SIM card may vary from brand to brand, that could be another issue which might not make it Read more [...]

iPhone 3GS Review – Unbiased

The smartphone market has been flooded in recent years with a whole slew of phones that do everything a phone shouldn't be able to do. When cameras came out on phones, that was a huge step forward. Next came the internet browser, then the email client, and then the list got so long that it became impossible to even keep track of where the phone function was. The new iPhone 3GS can be seen as either a huge leap forward over its predecessor or it can be seen as just another "update" to the phone that Read more [...]

Now Get Android Help At Your Fingertips

You are stuck with your Android device for some reason, and you are not able to find the right solutions. After browsing endless websites on the web, you desperately wished that there should be a specific website made for the people who need Android help. True. This frustration has been answered now, as you would be able to find many websites offering various Android help for your devices. There is a reason to take the help of these websites, it is not because they are free of cost, but they do really Read more [...]

How Persons Can Get Fit and Healthy With The Latest iPhone Apps

A few years before, to acquire a good health and fitness people use to go to the doctors or fitness instructors. If not atleast they try to get some fitness books and magazines, so that by reading those materials they get some knowledge and can proceed with proper diet and exercise regimens. But in the present fast moving android world, all the fitness and health information came into existence in a short form in the name of android applications or Android Apps. With the help of these android apps Read more [...]

IPhone 5 Cases –To Keep Your IPhone 5 Safe

The newest of iPhone in the market is the iPhone 5; it has many new features and is a very good smart phone. If you have bought or tend to buy a iPhone 5 it is quite expensive, and would definitely want to protect your iPhone 5 with a good case as it would also protect your investment. There are varieties of protective iPhone 5 which cases are available in the market for you. It only depends on your choice, how you want your iPhone 5 to look and want to use it. These cases not only protect your beloved Read more [...]

Best Christmas Apps for Your iPhone to usher in the mood of Christmas

It’s almost Christmas time folks; have you yet loaded your iPhone with Christmas apps? If not, then it’s time enough that you start doing the same as early as possible. You will surely do not want to miss out all the fun that these apps are going to offer you. Here we discuss the top 5 Christmas apps that would add bling to your iPhone: The first Christmas App that is a must for your iPhone is the iChristmas Tree. This surely ranks among the best Christmas apps for your iPhone. This app would Read more [...]

Necessary Tips for iPhone Help

IPhone Help Center can be of great help to those people who are facing trouble in using their device. The Apple iPhone help function helps you to get a deep knowledge to understand the real problem with your gadget and whether you actually need to get it repaired or not. Once you visit the help center and go through the various explanations and descriptions of various problems written there, you can a rough idea about what is wrong with your device and how can you deal with it. However, if you think Read more [...]

A Peep into the Unlocking and Jailbreaking Scenario for IPHones on IOS6.01

To unlock Iphones have gradually picked up with gifted brains applying their genius to work their ways around the network and usage limitations. Check out more details here about it. iPhones have a dominating presence in our everyday lives and as such unrestricted use can only assure of a thorough experience of the device. Jailbreak fall under two categories tethered and untethered. The former accepts computer’s assistance for booting into the iPhone’s completely functional jailbroken model. Read more [...]