Whatsapp For Smartphone Users

Whatsapp is a smartphone messenger app. It is one of the most recent application which is creating a buzz in the cell phone specially for the smartphone users. This instant messenger application makes use of the internet data plan that is available on your smartphones. This application allow the users of the smartphones to stay in touch with their family and friends. The Whatsapp messaging services are used to forward instant text messages, images, photos, audio files and other media documents Read more [...]

How to Watch Blu-Ray Movie on iPad

Apple familiarized a smart tablet device named the iPad at San Francisco by January 27. IPad is really a creative invention. It can present an impeccable performance in enjoying photos, E-mail, playing games and music and videos. You can do many more things with much more convenience. The online iBook stock can permit you to enjoy thousands of books everywhere and anytime. Stylish design and potent function will make it popular worldwide. IPad’s high resolution excellent screen is really great Read more [...]

New iPad Cases Can Double Your Battery Life

If you are thinking to buy a new iPad then you should go for the one that have high battery backup. Normally it is seen that iPad last approximately 10 hours on a single charge. But it is of course the fact that if you are playing videos or any related heavy usage, it may drain the iPad battery faster than just reading an eBook. Therefore, the actual iPad battery life may vary depending on how you use your iPad. There are many types of iPad battery case and iPad cattery that are made available for Read more [...]

Apple iPad 3 Price Is Worth Spending On

The Apple enthusiasts have been crazily waiting for iPad3 to release, and when it finally did it was no surprise that this hi-end gadget was a tremendous success. The earlier versions of iPad have tasted the success before, and this one has simply turn out a huge hit because of its supreme features and of course by the virtue of being an iPad. This tablet has virtually assured its dominance on many of its competitors and has won people’s heart completely. Of course you can’t expect an Apple Read more [...]