Whatsapp For Smartphone Users

Whatsapp is a smartphone messenger app. It is one of the most recent application which is creating a buzz in the cell phone specially for the smartphone users. This instant messenger application makes use of the internet data plan that is available on your smartphones. This application allow the users of the smartphones to stay in touch with their family and friends. The Whatsapp messaging services are used to forward instant text messages, images, photos, audio files and other media documents Read more [...]

Five Best Exercise Apps

Both Google Play and the App Store are teeming with popular categories featuring thousands of mobile applications. These cover everything from games and entertainment to lifestyle and productivity. Health and fitness is another such popular category. Because weight loss and exercise is such big business, it can be difficult to separate effective apps from those that are just cluttering the marketplace. With that in mind, here are some top options that have proven effective for multitudes of regular Read more [...]

Best Christmas Apps for Your iPhone to usher in the mood of Christmas

It’s almost Christmas time folks; have you yet loaded your iPhone with Christmas apps? If not, then it’s time enough that you start doing the same as early as possible. You will surely do not want to miss out all the fun that these apps are going to offer you. Here we discuss the top 5 Christmas apps that would add bling to your iPhone: The first Christmas App that is a must for your iPhone is the iChristmas Tree. This surely ranks among the best Christmas apps for your iPhone. This app would Read more [...]

How facebook helps in increasing web traffic

You hardly find anyone in the world without the knowledge of internet and facebook. For facebook it is the largest social network site in the cyber world having millions of users around the world. Most of them consider facebook is just for making friends and for chatting. But even half of them are not aware of the fact that it is a powerful platform for increasing the profit of a business. Yes, it is capable of bringing countless people to your website for checking out your products and services. Read more [...]

3 Most Popular Chat Apps

Anyone that has grown up with the internet remembers that glory days of the internet chat. There used to be chat rooms set up where you can speak with people that share the same interests as you, and there were instant messengers in which you could speak with a person one on one from across the world. At the time, it seemed like one of the most revolutionary things ever. Of course, now, as technology has advanced so much, instant messaging has taken on a whole new form and the chat room has pretty Read more [...]