Microsoft Windows Registry Cleaning

You've purchased a computer, brought it home, set it up and you think you're set as far as computing goes. But all your friends and family keep telling you that you need to get anti-virus protection and steer clear of sites where you might accidentally download spyware. Maybe your brother told you that you need to keep your computer “clean” running defragmentation software. You're confused. Owning a computer seems pretty complicated these days with evil demons and infectious agents out there Read more [...]

Reviews on Free Registry Cleaner

Registry cleaners are used in cleaning the registry to get rid of all the unnecessary redundant data stored within it. There are various registry cleaners available online for free and are easily downloadable. However, certain things should be given consideration in choosing the right registry cleaner to use. This article will discuss about the recent reviews on free registry cleaner online. Reviews: WinUtilities Free Edition – This software installs and uninstalls various programs. Read more [...]