Mobile Technology: Unleashing the Future of Smart Phone

Mobile technology has become so advanced in the past decade that apps now exist that can tell you your heart rate, your resting heart rate, and even when you will die. These new advancements have produced questions of where the smart phone will go in the future. The progress made, which can be found in current phones, will continue to grow in several key areas. Processing: -          Faster, capable of doing more in a shorter amount of time -          Smaller, lighter chips that Read more [...]

InGaAs Camera: Types And Their Features

In the last few years, vast improvement has occurred in the camera technology. InGaAs Camera is a result of this technical advancement. The word InGaAs means a group of 3 chemical compounds which are Indium, Gallium and Arsenic. These cameras are specialized in SWIR (Short Wave Infra-Red) imaging. SWIR band can operate from the near IR region's edge at 900 nm up to 1700 nm. Indium Gallium Arsenic sensors can image inside this waveband, for a broad range of applications. It is true that in this wavebands, Read more [...]