Whatsapp For Smartphone Users

Whatsapp is a smartphone messenger app. It is one of the most recent application which is creating a buzz in the cell phone specially for the smartphone users. This instant messenger application makes use of the internet data plan that is available on your smartphones. This application allow the users of the smartphones to stay in touch with their family and friends. The Whatsapp messaging services are used to forward instant text messages, images, photos, audio files and other media documents Read more [...]

Here Comes the Bride: Maine Firm Awarded Grant for Wedding Florist App

Here comes the bride: Freeport Metrics Inc. The company has recently received a TechStart grant from the Maine Technology Institute (MTI). This grant will go a long way to helping it develop a web and mobile application targeted to folks working in the wedding and floral industry. The software is supposed to revolutionize the way that wedding floral designers communicate and interact with clients. This kind of application doesn't really exist in the industry right now, but Freeport Metrics hopes Read more [...]

Google Apps Reseller Offering You to Use Applications

Today, the internet technologies, have created a great name in the personal life. From businessperson to IT professionals, take the better use of the technologies and make a new name in the society. In a way, it is a blessing of the society that give the common people a new gate towards the exploration of the world. When a person uses application from a name like Google it makes the person trust on the application and use for an effective result. Google apps reseller helps you take the benefit of Read more [...]

All about Technical Blogs

The Technological sites along with the technology blog directory are growing step by step to explore and discover recent possibilities. Creation of fresh and innovative blogs is done which are discriminated in numerous other subordinate group blogs; these are just a clause of these gigantic websites. They might be in relation to net blogging or connected to Technology news blog. These include the data about various facts that comprises of news broadcast to special reports or stuffs concerned with Read more [...]

Google Released Photo Editor Snapseed to Compete Instagram

Google has released an Android mobile application for photo editing – Snapseed - and made it free for iOS platform. It is already available in Google Play and Apple App Store. The application can be downloaded by the owners of both smartphones and tablets as it is adapted for different screens. The developer of the application is the Snapseed Nik Software Company that was founded in 1995, with offices in Hamburg, Germany, and San Diego, USA. In 2005 a Japanese corporation Nikon, the second largest Read more [...]

Getting Fast Cash is Now Made Popular Online

Cash! This is a word which is becoming very much popular online. From the range of various websites available online it is now made easy to arrange the cash fast and without any hassle. One in need of finance for their urgent need can now satisfy their demand with the help of agencies and firms that are now opened up. Another good way to get cash is work online and earns it. There are ways online by which one can earn good income online and can satisfy their urgent needs. Popular ways such as affiliate Read more [...]

IPhone App Testing the Ideal Way to Verify Its Usability

IPhone app testing can be done through Apple’s iPhone Simulator application. The iPhone applications, which you have created on XCode can be tested by simulating your iPhone on your computer. The only other way to test the app on the iPhone itself is by becoming an Apple Developer. You will have to pay around $99 for this and wait for approximately 24 hours. If you are expert in this, you will be able to publish your App in the App Store and thereby, test all the Apps that you create in your iPhone. Normally, Read more [...]