Smart Phones- The Global Obsession

Technology is advancing at a lightning speed. From desktops to laptops to cell phones to finally smart phones. They are equipped with advanced technology and features where people can now talk over their work on the go.

Recently the number of smart phone users have sky rocketed since; people have drawn to its new developments presented by this technology. With smart phone you can actually cut down on the number of devices that you use to carry with you.

Initially, people used their computers to communicate, work etc. now a day people are using smart phones to do so.  A smartphone is a single device that takes care of all your hand-handled computing and communication. The smart phones allow a person to set up, arrange and run apps of their likes. In most of the smart phones, there are various built-in apps such as calendar, navigation, organizer etc. A smart phone is a phone with PDA proficiencies.

Below mentioned are some of the smart phone features:

Web Access: Smart phones can access the web at higher speed through 3G, 4G data networks. Also they are Wi-Fi enabled. Now keeping in touch with the outer world is no difficulty.

Operating System: This is a vital part that plays key role in make any smart phone exclusive. The commonly used is Google’s Android OS, however there are others like Blackberry runs Blackberry OS, Apple iPhone runs iOS then there is Microsoft windows phone and HP’s webOS.

Apps: Unlike our normal cell phones, the smartphones have capabilities to do more. The smart phone allows user to download apps for business, personal, finance, handy assistant’s tasks.

With smart phone you can have your PDA, MP3 player, Video player on the go. Also these phones have QWERTY keyboard which is easier to type than the standard ones. They carry apps that let you perform various tasks.

You can play games, chat online, send emails, prepare document, socially networking etc. Overall it keeps you organized and updated with the latest info of the world. There are many apps for various uses ranging from trading to travelling which are freely downloadable. However; what institutes a smartphone nowadays may change next week or next month.