Samsung Galaxy S2 Review – Smartest Smart Phone in the Galaxy Series

Samsung galaxy S2 is the series of the Samsung galaxy phones. Galaxy series has attained a massive success among all the smart phones till date. Samsung has put its efforts to give the best technology in the smart phones.

Samsung Galaxy S2 reviews say that it is the best smart phone ever which the Samsung has made which is far more affordable for its specifications. The Samsung galaxy accessories can be discussed below. The capacitive touch screen is much sensitive. The display and the camera are much better with greater resolutions. As the screen is protected with corning gorilla glass the incidence of the damage of scratches is comparatively much less.

The large internal memory offers the applications to be saved in the device itself. The device has got the 1.2 GHz processor which is much faster for the smart phone. The disadvantage in the Samsung galaxy series is that there are no special keys for the camera or zooming. In this case it is difficult to take the self-pictures.

It cannot be said that all the smart phones in the galaxy series have the same specifications. The device being introduced with the ginger bread version, now the latest jelly bean official update is available for the galaxy S II. This is one of the thinnest models among the galaxy series smart phones that are available through UK mobile deals. This is also very light weighted for its dimensions.

Samsung Galaxy S2 review says that this is the best one when compared with the Samsung galaxy S III which is thought to be the big brother of all the next versions. The built in speakers are also much efficient. You would be much satisfied with this phone and never want another version of it to be upgraded. Most of the galaxy series do not come with most of the accessories. But when you come to the Samsung Galaxy accessories it is much more and cool.