Reviews on Free Registry Cleaner

Registry cleaners are used in cleaning the registry to get rid of all the unnecessary redundant data stored within it. There are various registry cleaners available online for free and are easily downloadable. However, certain things should be given consideration in choosing the right registry cleaner to use. This article will discuss about the recent reviews on free registry cleaner online.


WinUtilities Free Edition –

This software installs and uninstalls various programs. It also has the ability to free up disk space and enhance system performance, disk defragmenting and clean up. It has a clean intuitive interface, making all the most useful Windows maintenance utilities easy to access. The program has a full complement of features to help manage the computer’s performance and security such as file shedder, duplicate file finder, task-scheduler and many more. Its maintenance features allows user to run a variety of customizable buttons with just a single click.

Windows Doctor

This registry cleaner has a simple operation with clean interface that contributes suppleness for practiced users. Its instruction is direct to the point and really ready to lend a hand in cleaning up the registry. The five tabs rip the course into System Security, Registry Cleanup, Privacy Cleanup, System speed-up and Advanced Tools.  Windows Doctor’s Advanced Tools has the capacity to do good analysis and permit easy modification to processes, BHOs, services and start-up programs.

Wise Registry Cleaner Free

This register cleans up software supply a downloadable companion disk-cleaning utility. It convinces users to install the Ask toolbar through a smartly worded “combined” EULA. This scans the computer system for errors and fixes those that are considered safe to fix. It makes a full registry backup before it scans the registry. Its interface has a scan grouping listed in the left-hand panel and a chain of big multicolored pictures for key functions.

Slim cleaner

It has the most recent information about software, services and toolbars. Users are able to rate programs on their PCs and give remarks about the features, utility and value of different portions of software, browsers, toolbars and other items. This software has a community feedback to develop its optimization features and allow users to view the community rating for diverse items and settings on their PC. Its interface is simple to exercise and can clean up PC, examine settings and halt programs that are no longer needed by the user. It has an optimizing skill and let user to inspect doubtful files with its built-in cloud AV feature and facilitate in perceiving malevolent code.

360Amigo System Speedup Free

This has a system cleaner, system optimizer and a broad variety of system tools crafted exclusively to optimize PC performance. Practiced users and novice users can take pleasure in the accessible features and choices and the trouble-free application interface. It also distinguishes and eliminates all appalling entries from the PC and optimizes Window for quicker start-up time.