PsyGo Selection – A Counseling Application That Promises to Be Different

More than 10 million US citizens suffer from some form of mental illness. Psychological help and counseling form the top priority in such a time and their importance cannot be ignored. But many times it is seen that the patient suffering from mental illness fails to successfully get in touch with a counselor and begin therapy. The reason ranges from lack of substantial knowledge about professionals to the patient’s inability to break out of his disorder and perform the action of establishing contact.

In such a scenario there has to be way to close the gap between demand and supply. This where the PsyGo Selection campaign holds its importance. We are increasingly using mobiles to perform our daily tasks from booking cabs to ordering meals. PsyGo Selection is an app in development that aims to secure a trusted connection between patients and local counselors.

How can this app help?

The app has two platforms – one for users and another for qualified and experienced counselors. Patients can use the app to search and book counselors based on field of expertise, location and license. Counselors can use PsyGo to increase their business and set their own timings and rates.

A patient has three ways to receive therapy – meeting face to face, through video conferencing and texting.

Counselors, founders councils and patients can contribute to this project and get beneficial returns. Contributions start with a meager $ 25 where one gets to be beta tester of the first phase. Pledging $ 100 gives additional therapy sessions for free. Counselors can give $ 500 or more to receive many advantages including waving of service charges. $ 10,000 contributions from councils will be returned with health incentives like 2 years of free mental health access.

How much can you pledge?

You can pledge as little as $25 and as much as $10,000. Pledging $25 will give you access to PsyGo Selection as a beta tester, and you would be the first ones the company uses to get input from. If you pledge $10,000 you will get VIP access to all the developments in the company, and get to have your own say.

You can support this project and join them at: