Pros And Cons Of Oregano Oil

Oregano oil as the name suggests is the extract of the herb oregano. People use oregano herb as a cooking agent or topping agent in many dishes. But the use of oregano oil is not yet famous as people are still unaware of the advantages and disadvantages of this oil and hence are not confident enough to use it. Oregano oil is herbal oil as it is extracted from a herb and it is a known fact that each and every herb tends to carry some benefits for human body.

Oregano oil helps in fighting a very wide range of infections and at the same time it cures various pains in the human body. It has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties in it that helps to fight against various bacterial diseases, viral diseases and fungus on skin and nails. Even scalp fungus that is popularly known as dandruff can be treated with this oil.

Each and every product or medicine has some disadvantages when not used in the proper format. Same is the case with oregano oil. Oregano oil treats various infections but it must be used in proper proportion with other ingredients and is not to be used directly at any case. Oregano oil is not for infants and babies and is highly restricted to be used by pregnant women.

This is because the application of oregano oil stimulates blood circulation in the uterus that can be harmful for the foetus in it. Oregano oil can be used to clean the home as it acts as a nice antiseptic. 4-5 drops of oil along with some vinegar in a bucket full of water can act as a nice antiseptic cleanser for the house. It can also treat sore throat; relieve joint pains and ward of insects from wooden materials.