PC or Mac – Which one should a gamer choose?

One hobby that has been slowly growing for the last twenty years is that of playing video games, there are now many people who purely make their living out of playing different games. Because of this, the ‘e-sports’ scene has also grown with some competitive games taking it to next level with huge tournaments and massive prizes worth millions of dollars.

Another aspect of gaming that has started to change recently is the fact that more and more people are starting to play games on their home computer, this could be because the home consoles are coming to the end of their life while PCs are showing just how much they can do. But what should you go for a Mac or PC?

PS3s and Xbox are in millions of people’s homes all around the world and for good reasons, they allow you to play all the latest games for a cheaper price than a PC would be. But computers are now showing that they are superior with better graphics and higher frame rates that make for a better gaming experience. Technology is always coming down in price and so the computers that would cost £1000 six months ago now are much cheaper and accessible.

But when it comes to choosing which type of computer you should buy you need to look at the kinds of games that you want to play. Traditionally PCs can play nearly every game out there from the biggest games to the small indie titles, this is because most people program in a language easily ported to all Windows PCs. Macs however have a much smaller array of games to choose from, one genre of games that you defiantly could play on a Mac would be casino gaming as these games are mostly available on websites like JackpotCity.

You can find there all the traditional games like Poker or Blackjack but a wide range of themed microgames too, all the choice you need to find something which suits your gamer soul. But it is always worth researching what you want to use your computer for before you make your decision.