Overview of Dropbox for Mac OS

Dropbox, operated by Dropbox, Inc., is a file hosting service that offers personal cloud, cloud storage, client software and file synchronization. You can create a particular folder in your system that is synced by Dropbox later, so that the folder appears to be the same (having same contents), even though it is in your computer.

Advantages of the application

When you go out and suddenly realize that you need to access particular files which are stored in your home PC, you only have your laptop with you, what will you do? If you have Dropbox installed, it will sync the files between your computers, thus solving your problem. It also allows file sharing. For any reason if you want to remove the application, we will show you the steps on ‘how to uninstall Dropbox from Mac’.

Dropbox offers a free plan with two gigabytes of storage space, another Pro 50 plan with 50 gigabytes of storage charged at $9.99 per month and the Pro 100 that offers 100 gigabytes of storage charged at $19.99 per month.

Dropbox supports a large number of platforms like PCs running Linux, Windows and OS X and also mobile devices (Android Smartphones, iPhones and iPads).

The Dropbox website can be accessed anytime from any device, so you can access your files in without having to install it in your phone.

Dropbox helps to retrieve a file if deleted by mistake.

Using Dropbox, you can also sync the whole wiki or to-do list.

Disadvantages of the application

It is not possible to backup large amount of data on the cloud because of its storage limitations.

Also, the account created in Dropbox has a risk of being hacked.

Dropbox is not a good choice if you want to store any sensitive information.

How to install the application on Mac

First of all, it asks you to create a Dropbox account for installation or enter your login details if already have an account.

You can also change your Dropbox folder location. Then complete the installation procedure.

You can have only one Dropbox account and folder on a PC.

How to uninstall application on Mac

You can check the detailed uninstall procedure for more reference.

First download the CleanMyMac 3 for this. Open the downloaded app. Select ‘uninstaller’ from the menu on the left side, then click on ‘View all Applications’ to see the list of apps. In this list, find the Dropbox application. Set the checked flag on it and click the ‘Uninstall’ button at the bottom center. If the app was open, an alert message will appear asking you to close the app to uninstall it completely. This uninstalls the application.