OpenVPX: Re-Defining high bandwidth transmission

OpenVPX is redefining the protocols for high bandwidth connectivity to streamline military and other critical operations. The unique approach has been bolstered by a range of turnkey application program interfaces to facilitate data flow applications for efficient implementation of inter board network communication at blazing speed.

This VPX format operates by putting in use the latest technology development in the field of switch fabric in the spectrum of 3U and 6U format blades. OpenVPX enables a robust platform which allows for multi vendor and multi module interoperability for system level VPX in an integrated system environment.  This architecture lays down clear definition of the interoperability points that are vital for seamless integration among modules, or from module to backplane and chassis.

This open system sets recommendation but stays away from specifying development systems for assisting evaluation, prototype and development of VPX systems. The open system will continue in its evolution journey and expand itself to include newer fabrics, connectors and system technologies as latest standards get defined and released. The sites offering the open VPX systems carry comprehensive information regarding the same in their portals to facilitate your transition to this new standard.

The necessity for this system is felt more strongly in the defense systems as VPX is going to become the future of rugged COTS computing and will be an indispensable standard for multi module and multi vendor connection in an integrated environment. This system has evolved from the proven and time tested VME module with a formidable life of over twenty five years. As such, the system can boldly resist even the hardest shock and vibrations.

OpenVPX system has been designed to pave way for high frequency signal transmission with the VPX backplane extending support to ten GB Ethernet, PCTe fabric and SATA. The system leverages the capability of the silicon 3U VPX with maximum computing density and is ideally suited to meet the exponential growth in military and other data transmission needs for a minimum of next twenty five years. It is a stellar example of rugged embedded modular computing. It is going to revolutionize high bandwidth data transmission.