New Online Music Workshop Helps Musicians Create

Online Music Workshop is an innovative idea for musicians to work online. Basically, anyone that wants to upload a song and track or anything musical they can. Then they can add more, collaborate with anyone anywhere that has internet access. There could be several artists working at the same time on the same piece from all over the world.

If you have a browser, you can use this service. You can use multiple devices to record, upload, tweak and mix. You can work alone with a partner or a whole group. You can work with local friends, artists or find artists with a similar mindset from anywhere.

Online Music Workshop is unlike anything existing for musicians and music artists. Whether you are a professional musician or a hobbyist, this service is the perfect forum for you. Produce from home for internet playback from anywhere in the world with input from 1 to infinity number of people adding their talents.

Currently this service is up and running in a pre-beta stage for anyone to try. It has full functionality, but many more ideas are coming. There is a crowd source funding program that just started to fully develop the rest of the site to offer even more options and functionality. What more could you ask for than “network music production for crowd source songs”?

Online Music Workshop is the infancy, seeds of a new industry in music. Kind of like open source for music, or cloud collaboration between artists. Being in the developing stages it can only expand into something phenomenal. The initial scope of the project has been kept simple in order to be able to have a live version for use during crowd source fundraising. The fully functional site is ready for you to play.

If you like what you see and want to become a backer the funding is on Indiegogo. Backers have some perks for certain donation amounts. Go create, brainstorm and have fun!

You can join this new software by supporting their crowdfunding project: