Need for CDN for A WordPress Blog

A lot of people look out for detailed suggestion on how they can speed up their WordPress blog. Well, novices do not understand what is CDN and would they still require hosting if they have CDN!


What is CDN?

Content Delivery Network in short CDN is a network of servers which provides cached static content to users from sites depending the user’s geographic location. Confused… eh?? Let’s simplify it for you!

Well, usually when a user opens your WordPress blog, they are redirected to the web hosting serve. Suppose the server is sited at a centralized location in Texas. So, every user of your site accesses this server to come to your site. Now, with bulk traffic, your server gets overloaded which makes your site slow or even crash.

At this CDN comes for your rescue. As it is a network of servers spread across the world. With CDN, your static content gets cached stored on the network of servers. And, when a visitor accesses your site, the CDN technique redirects him to the nearest server. So this answers your question about what is CDN! Now let us check about why you really need CDN.

Why you need a CDN for WordPress Blog?

  • Speed- With CDN, the site gets quicker
  • Crash proof- Even with a huge spell of traffic, CDN and caching setup doesn’t allow the site to crash. It redirects the load to several servers rather than keeping complete traffic to the main server.
  • Better user experience- With the usage of CDN, site owners witness a lower bounce rate on their sites. There will also be an increase in page views and users. A faster website means better user experience.

Enhancement in SEO- Google has previously said that quicker sites hold a higher ranking on Search Engines. Thus, with CDN, you’ll experience better ranking of your site