There is an ongoing campaign like never before that involves helping students to learn about the art of building digital circuits in a way that has never been experienced ever before. They majorly set up practical for those interested to learn about the digital technology.

The education is purposed for everyone including children too, those who are aged above 9 years of age, with the main objective is to introduce them to the internal digital circuitry of the computer so that they may understand how it works.

The campaign mostly combines the knowledge of both computer architecture and digital electronics. In most of the circuits, the plug in cables are used which are very easy to use. For the circuits, the source of power used are power banks which are connected by USB port.

From the experiment the most realistic module is the 4 bit. However, the 18 bit and the 16 bit can be achieved too. From this, some of the items that have been created include a seven segment display, a multiplexer, an adder and a D flip flop register. The power supply used is rated at 5V. However, you cannot afford to mess up with the circuit as it might turn out dangerous when powered up.

This project came about with the idea of trying to reduce the complexities when it comes to the understanding of the computer architecture. All of the circuits for the items listed above are all simple to set up and you do not need any programming for them to work.

This campaign is very educative and informative and the skills one acquires from the practical are so valuable can be applied in very many situations or other digital projects. The Mexdulon is meant mainly for the students and pupils. They will definitely enjoy the experience.

You can join or support them at: