Meir Ezra: The multi faceted man

Meir Ezra did not touch any area in which he did not succeed, as are substantiated in the following lines. He is a creative entrepreneur, inventor with patents, public speaker, charitable activist/ donor and owner of some companies.

He is the founder and major partnership shareholder and the managing partner of the TimeMaker LLC, a software company involved in the development of renowned modern management solutions.

In 2002, he incorporated Securant, Inc. (which was earlier known as Integrated Fueling Technologies, Inc.). He, as Chief Executive Officer in that company, developed a wireless anti-fraud fuelling system called FuelSafe for fuel delivery, control and payment for fuel and fleet management and communication, which is regarded internationally as the most technological fleet management resource and comprehensive solution to the outdated fueling technology. Worldwide, this system is being distributed.  This system is the subject of 3 patent applications.

Meir Ezra completed a specialized Telecommunication engineering course in Israel. Then, he served the Israeli Navy as a submarine diver. During such service, he did an advanced course in electronic countermeasure technology and achieved the highest available rank.

His ardent interests towards computer technology induced him to self-educating himself in computer programming and make his maiden venture called “Addicted” which is the development of a data dictionary editor. It was highly successful and was distributed well. However, the rights to “Addicted” were sold.

Then, he established the gasoline management concern, whose success was so high that it touched a turnover of $35,000,000 and a valuation of US $100,000,000, all within a short span of 3 years.

Meir Ezra is associated with many other concerns, which are in the line of development and distribution of technology products like cell phone blocker, technology for payment-by-cell and many solutions in software and hardware and other areas.

His association extended to the development of a film making company, management of a hotel/ restaurant and several commercial enterprises. “Exit this way” interview/ podcast would tell you about the strategies for establishment of a business and profitable exit there from.