Major Tips To Select A Good Taobao Agent

Now online shopping in China has gained great popularity. Then how can you select a good Taobao agent? Take a look at these considerations that could help you in the process.

  • See the establishment time of the agent. Usually, the longer the site is launched, the more skilled the agent is going to be. If the agent holds over 3 years’ of experience, then you can rely on them for packing and delivering.
  • Service fee is very important in Online Chinese shopping. While some agents charge around 8% of the cost of the item and delivery fee others charge 10%. You should go for the one which offers cheap service fee as low profits can call more clientele for you.
  • Select agents who accept PayPal payments. It is one of the most secure, fast and popular mode of payments for international purchasing. Usually agents charge around 4% for transaction fee, but that’s okay as banks also charge similar or more rate while you draw money.
  • Look for the working hours of agent. While some agents work from Monday to Friday others renders services even on Sunday. It is better to go for the agent that offers round the clock and weekly service.
  • Place and order and look if they answer in just 24 hours. If an agent doesn’t answer back in two day, then maybe they have stopped working or are quite careless about their work. Avoid such Taobao agent.
  • An important point is to find out the international delivering fee. There are high discount shipping options and if an agent doesn’t offer you a 35% discount, then maybe you should look for another one.
  • If you cannot choose products from Taobao because of the language or time barrier, your Taobao agent can do it for you.
  • Select an agent that renders assistance in MSN or QQ. Online assistance is better, efficient and easier.