Mactro emergency SMS broadcaster: How it help

SMS broadcasters are easy to use, set up and even more effective. It helps the government to be in contact with people by passing on messages within fraction of seconds. Right! Mactro is one such device that changed the point of view of people in receiving regular SMS about the situation and emergency alerts.

Instead of funding a lot of money on other devices and services, Mactro is found to be an easier and faster way to send group texts to larger groups through a normal telephone device.

Isn’t it a brilliant way to be in contact with the people and manage the emergency and private message services? Of course, as the users and receivers have found it of great value and an easy way to advertise products and attract new clients without any extra cost.


How to use Mactro?

Mactro emergency SMS broadcaster suits to large companies and other marketing agencies who depend on the security and reliability of the SMS’s to send to a large number of people in a single time.

Its strength and capacity is to use with any of the network services with immediate response.

No need to gather the phone numbers of clients to pass on the message as the SMS broadcaster will pass on the messages through its own transmitter by passing through the normal telecos.

You need to get this advanced device and target your desired promotion campaign for events and private venues and send the message directly within no costs.

The device holds the ability to acquire the nearby areas digitally on mobile devices surrounded by its radius and transmit the message directly.

No need of any extra device or internet connection as Mactro holds multiple signaling that enter GSM, 3G, LTE and UMTS enabled devices.

As it holds new technology, it is easy to use without any Sim card to operate the unit.