Mac Computer- The Advanced Gift of Apple

With the advent of technology computer has taken an amazing shape these days. Computer has gained a vast popularity in today’s world. We are now so much dependent on this system. Technology reshapes this device every now and then.

The Macintosh computer or the Mac computer is a boon of this Electronics industry. Apple again drew the attention of the media to a great extent after launching this device.

The Mac computers look more gorgeous than the ordinary personal computers. This device is less prone to the computer viruses. The operating system is UNIX based. This kind of operating system is much more secured than the Windows operating system.

The Mac computer provides a wonderful feature to capture and print screen called Mac Print Screen Shortcut. This computer uses a program called Grab that takes the snapshots of the screen itself. There is no print screen button in the Mac key boards but the operating system has screen capturing shortcut.

How to take screen picture in a Mac computer?

“Command Z” takes the picture of the entire screen. “Shift” + “Command W” takes the picture of the Window where the entire screen picture was opened.

Saving the picture in a Mac computer:

By pressing “Shift” + “Command 3” button simultaneously we can save the screen picture.

How to take picture of the selected portion from screen?

Pressing the Grab + “Shift” + “Command A” button at the same time we can select a portion of the screen and take the picture of the selected portion.

How to copy the selected portion of the screen picture?

Pressing the “Control” + “Shift” + “Command 4” button simultaneously will help you to copy a selected portion to the clipboard. When you will undergo this operation, the cursor takes the shape of crosshair. You have to drag the cursor to select the picture with desired shape and size.

Saving the selected portion of the screen picture:

You have to press the “Shift” and “Command 4” to save the screen picture to the desktop.

Mac computers are becoming very popular among the young generation. It has much advanced and faster graphics, plenty of portals, faster processor. It has 500 GB memory. You can add more memory by a simple twist. This computer is blessed with latest design and advanced peripherals.

The Mac Print Screen Shortcut features are simply very easy to handle and it consumes less time.