Laminate Flooring 101

Laminate flooring is a modern flooring product that is made from layering a thin sheet that has been decorated over a board made from wooden particles or a synthetic base. The decorative material can easily be made to resemble wood, stone or ceramic tiles before it is covered with a coat that contains a sealant that will protect it from breaking down. There are different types of laminate flooring but the original ones were developed in the Scandinavian countries.


Laminate flooring has become quite popular and it may appear like it is slowly overtaking hardwood flooring; the main reason is that it is relatively cheaper than all those traditional flooring materials it is trying to imitate. When most people think about installing maple hardwood flooring, they are almost always put off by the cost; however, laminate flooring can be made to imitate maple but it will be far much cheaper to acquire. Laminate flooring can also be quite easy to install in that people who have a little construction experience can learn how to do it themselves; however, the affordable cost of obtaining it and professional installation is quite appealing to most consumers.

There are companies that can make laminate flooring using recycled material; this has also become quite attractive to people who are eco-conscious. Whether you acquire laminate that is made from new or recycled materials, the flooring will come in the form of planks of different sizes but which are able to fit together. There are brands of laminate flooring that are made in such a way that they snap together like a puzzle while there are those traditional ones that will require nails or glue for fastening then to each other. Normally, you will need to have a layer of subflooring material placed under laminate flooring so as to reduce noise and any potential vulnerability to moisture.

The only downside of laminate flooring is that it may not be the thing that it is imitating. There are modern laminates that can be quite durable but others, especially the cheaper ones, may not last as long as the material that they are trying to imitate. There are styles that are vulnerable to water damage and spills and in most cases when the laminate becomes scuffed, the base underneath can start showing through. The good news, however, is that the modern laminate flooring materials are a far cry from those earlier versions. Look for companies that make high-quality laminate flooring which cannot be easily distinguished from the real thing; this can easily provide an affordable alternative for homeowners with flooring projects on a budget. Take your time selecting your laminate flooring contractor and you will easily end up with something close to what you may have wanted to install.