Know How To Prevent the Blue screen Death Error of Your System

In case of the DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error or BSOD error the computer will go for a total blue color with Nill functioning. This type of blue screen death of the PC or laptop mainly occurs because of the major problems like bad hardwares, mismatched memory or bad memory, corrupted memory, bad virtual memory, etc.

To prevent this blue screen death of your favorite computers and laptops you can make use of the following simple steps.

  • Initially Recover your system’s windows to the previous copy:

If you are not getting out of this problem then try to reboot your system with the windows safe mode and try to restore your documents and major files before attempting to do any other steps.

  • Installation of Best Service Packs:

Followed by the retrieval of your important files go for installing the best and latest service packs on your computer. If you are running with the latest updated Microsoft windows service packs then surely you won’t encounter such blue screen death issues any time in the near future.

  • Latest Hardwares:

Followed by installation of latest service packs, try to install latest hardwares too. Yes! Installing only the latest service packs alone will not prevent the problems but also installing the latest hardware drivers helps to stop the problems completely. The main hardwares which need updating are video card, network router or card, removable hard disks, external hard disks, etc.

Most of the time the hardwares are getting damaged or worse by the memory related issues only. Hence keeping the memory space clear and handling it in a proper way will help a lot to save the computer device from getting affected from this dangerous blue screen death error. A simple tip to avoid this unwanted error is just try to follow the single hand usage formula.

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